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Your Ideal Destination for Transatlantic Flights

Customer Services

  • On-site Canpass/ Customs Clearance
  • Weather and Flight planning
  • Catering
  • Vehicle Rentals
  • Hotel reservations at exclusive rates
  • Private lounges for crew and passengers
  • Washroom facilities
  • Courtesy Transportation / Limousine Service
  • Complimentary Snacks and Beverages

Aircraft Services

  • Jet A1 and Avgas (check location for availability)
  • Domestic/International flights
  • Basic aircraft handling
  • Cargo load/offload
  • Hangar rental
  • Lavatory and Potable water servicing
  • Oxygen and Nitrogen servicing
  • Ground Power Units
  • Airstairs
  • Grooming

Woodward Aviation consists of four fixed base operators (FBO) providing the highest standard of aircraft servicing in the province. View all four locations on a map here and please visit your preferred location above to discover which services are offered. We look forward to making your trip as enjoyable and seamless as possible!

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    Deer Lake - YDF

    9 Airport Road
    Deer Lake, NL
    A8A 2E5

    Phone: 709-635-3776

    Fax: 709-635-3746

    UNICOM: 122.20

    Email Deer Lake - YDF

    Gander - YQX

    PO Box 416
    Gander, NL
    A1V 1W8

    Phone: 709-256-4414

    Fax: 709-256-2314

    UNICOM: 122.7

    Email Gander - YQX

    Goose Bay - YYR

    PO Box 300, Stn C
    Happy Valley - Goose Bay, NL
    A0P 1C0

    Phone: 709-896-5036

    Fax: 709-896-2934

    UNICOM: 122.9

    Email Goose Bay - YYR

    St. John's - YYT

    Hangar #5
    PO Box 21297
    St. John's NL
    A1A 5G6

    Phone: 709-579-3776

    Fax: 709-579-8513

    UNICOM: 123.5

    Email St. John's - YYT