Accommodations, Meals and Facilities

  • Prearranged hotel reservations, vehicle rentals, and catering.
  • Exclusive rates at a variety of popular hotels
  • Recommended restaurants, local attractions and amenities
  • 24 hour shuttle service for both passengers and crew
  • Onsite CSR to arrange all bookings and logistics

Fully-equipped Aircrew and Passenger Facilities

  • Pilot lounges complete with computers, telephones, and fax machines
  • Executive lounges for passengers
  • Complimentary onsite coffee, ice, bottled water, snacks and Wi-Fi
  • Onsite vending machines
  • Washroom Facilities

Flight Planning Support and Customs

  • On-site Canpass/ Customs clearance
  • Meteorological briefings for military available 24/7
  • Full-service flight planning centre
  • Flight requests and confirmations handled by phone, fax, email or VHF radio

Services may vary at each location.