About Woodward Group of Companies

For over 50 years the Woodward family has been building businesses that primarily service remote, northern and rural community needs. This strategy has resulted in a wealth of experience and accumulated knowledge in offering services to those communities. By concentrating on the needs of remote communities and the Canadian high Arctic we have developed a unique niche that has allowed for continued growth and success.

The Woodward Group of Companies is a family run business. Peter Woodward is the President and Chief Executive Officer and is the successor in that role to his late father Melvin Woodward Sr., the founder of the Group, who passed in the spring of 2015 at the age of 81. Peter, together with his brother Mel, who is Vice President and Corporate Secretary, are the current owners of the Group. Three generations of the family have been actively involved in management of the business. Today, the family is assisted in management by a core group of very experienced senior executives.

Woodward Aviation consists of four fixed base operators (FBO) providing the highest standard of aircraft servicing in the province. View all four locations on a map here and please visit your preferred location above to discover which services are offered. We look forward to making your trip as enjoyable and seamless as possible!